Before starting a new project, I always ask myself: why?
This time, it’s to show the capabilities of the web and some new cutting edge features.

What we will build. (Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

The Concept

My idea is, that the camera app should behave similarly to the camera app natively installed on your phone. So it should definitely work offline. Photos should be saved in a directory directly on your phone, so any arbitrary gallery app can access it. It would also be nice if you could use the power of all the cameras included in a smartphone.

Breaking things up, I need:
- Some way to access all cameras…

Source: GitHub Blog

These days, almost every project has some other projects it depends on. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s good. Let others do the hard work for you and just use all the convenient APIs.

But it will get worse if someone finds a security vulnerability in one of those dependencies. And it’s even worse for you, if there existed a patch for months, you just haven’t heard of it.
Another common problem is, that if you aren’t using the latest version of a package, the documentation and help you find online may doesn’t work for you. It’s frustrating.

But there…

In this article, I will explain the methods we used to build a white label product where we can override most parts of the product with theme/client specific pieces.

Photo by La-Rel Easter on Unsplash

Give me some context — Why?

I work on the project Schul-Cloud at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam Germany. There we are developing an educational cloud for the German school system. In Germany, each federal state is responsible for its education, so many states want their very own education cloud. This means for us to exchange logos, adjust colors and partly also adapt the content of whole pages. …

Screenshot of “Files Sync Action” Marketplace Entry

Let’s start with the why…

I am a lazy person… A really lazy person and I hate doing monotonus tasks. That’s why I love beeing a developer and can automate all those tasks. One of these boring tasks is copying files.

To keep my GitHub repositories organized, I have a couple of GitHub Actions that I want to have in almost all my repos. Some of these read all the ToDos from the source code and create & connect Github Issues, another auto assigns the author of a PR to the PR and so on. But managing those workflows across multiple repositories is tidious. That’s…

Render Custom Components from a HTML-String

You want to use a Headless CMS, but you don’t want to loose your custom Vue.JS Components. What can you do?

What is actually the Problem? Why not use v-html?

I thought that as well! But it turns out, that v-html can only render plain html. Your custom components are not getting resolved. So if you get some string like "<div><FancyButton>Button</FancyButton></div>” from your API and use <div v-html="myString"/> , FancyButton will not be rendered. Actually it will be rendered as FancyButton, but your browser will not understand it and handle it like a plain old div element.

This article will cover, how we deploy every pull request to a seperate domain using

Here is your deployed pull request (source:

But why?

On every pull request, we do the same thing during the review process.

  1. We checkout the branch on our local development machines
  2. We build the project
  3. We test the build for errors
  4. Finally we review the code itself

This seems to be a pretty simple workflow. But for project managers and designers, it is actually really hard. And to be honest, most of us deveopers are lazy. …

Adrian Jost

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