Nuxt.JS Theming #1

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Give me some context — Why?

The Concept

example project directory structure with theme directories

The Problem

Prerequisites — Repo Setup

Let’s theme components!

Create Aliases for Components

Overwrite components

Overwrite Assets

required changes in aliases.config.js
<img class="icon" src="@assets/icon.png">

Let’s theme whole pages!

import fs from "fs";export default {
// all the existing stuff from nuxt.config.js
// ...
** themed pages
router: {
extendRoutes(routes, resolve) {
const theme = process.env.THEME || "default";
if(theme === "default"){
} => {
const path = resolve(`src/themes/${theme}/${route.chunkName}.vue`)
if (fs.existsSync(path)) {
route.component = path
return route

But what about …?




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Adrian Jost

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